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24/7 Help at the Push of a Button

Personal Emergency Response Systems from WRT – Only $29.95 per month!
Get 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week assistance at the push of a button with your WRT landline phone and WRT’s Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). Here are your five steps to personal safety:
WRT - Personal Emergency Response System

  1. Call WRT at 701-748-2211 to get your PERS unit and transmitter button
  2. Pay one-time $75 activation fee (no equipment fees)
  3. Complete your contact list – i.e. neighbors and family
  4. Pick self-install or optional $75 WRT install fee*
  5. Test unit and begin the $29.95 monthly fee

WRT’s Personal Emergency Response System includes the following features:

  • TWO-WAY “TALKING” TRANSMITTER – help is right there with you, as the two-way “talking” transmitter allows you to speak to the response center as well as listen to them. Just push the blue button to place the “call” for assistance. You can interchange the transmitter to wear as a pendant around your neck, as a belt clip or on your wrist like a watch. The transmitter is water resistant so you can wear it at all times – even in the shower. Additional pendants available to purchase if wanted for your spouse, etc.
  • BASE UNIT – this small, sleek looking unit features easy setup and installation.* Simply plug the base unit to your phone jack and a nearby electrical outlet. Rechargeable back-up batteries included for added security during a power outage. The base unit also recharges the transmitter batteries when needed. (*WRT can install the unit for optional $75 fee – within WRT’s service area only.)

WRT - Personal Emergency Response System

  • TESTING – press and hold the blue button on the two-way “talking” transmitter. You will hear a series of alarms as the call is placed. You can cancel the test call by pushing & holding the small gray button on the back side or wait until the response center answers. Once you have contacted the response center, test the range of the transmitter from different locations in your home as well as your garage, yard, etc. Range may vary due to location, home construction, etc. Test the transmitter weekly or more often if you wish for added comfort level, safety and peace of mind. It also has back-up battery for approximately 24 hours in case of power outage, as well as low-battery indicators.
  • ASSISTANCE – customize your responders list to meet your needs. When you sign up for WRT’s PERS service you will be asked to provide a contact list of responders (friends, family, neighbors, etc.). If you are in need of assistance, simply push & hold the blue button on your transmitter for the response center. You can instruct them to call someone on your contact list (friend, neighbor, etc.) or dispatch emergency services.

WRT - Personal Emergency Response System

  • FRIENDLY – the best part of WRT’s PERS service is the friendly answering staff with over 20 years of experience. Never hesitate pushing the button as they are always available to answer your call and will contact your family, friends, neighbors… or if needed, contact rescue personnel. You can even contact the response center & coordinate taking your unit with you to use when staying with family for a few weeks, wintering down south, etc.


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